Another Brutal Beating….. Don’t mind if I do!

When will you slaves learn??


Luckily for My prisoner, he managed to withstand some of what I delivered, but most of it had him squealing with the information I needed.

The scenario was I was the cruel disciplinarian the prison relied on to extract information & confessions out of low life scum using somewhat unorthodox techniques.

This scum bag had assaulted a junior officer & taken items from the prison tool shed along with 5 other accomplices & it was My job to find out who they were…..

After several rounds of ball busting, punching, kicking, whipping, trampling & kneeing I soon had the prisoner giving Me every piece of information I needed.


Little did the scum bag know that the tool shed was closely monitored by CCTV & I already knew exactly who his accomplices were & his beating was purely for My entertainment.

Here is the prisoners testimonial from O/our session

Dear Mistress Foxx,
As I stiffen up from the pounding you gave me today, I would just like to thank you once again for a tremendous session. I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too. With your strength, muscular body, and statuesque figure, you really are an intimidating presence. And your kicking and punching have genuine power behind them. They are among the hardest I have ever experienced in twenty five years of sessioning. Indeed my one regret is that on this occasion I was unable to take everything you were clearly capable of and keen to dish out. Apologies for that. Maybe next time. Finally I thought your role playing was excellent. You took my session idea, improved on it, and made it your own. The idea of introducing Mistress Lola as the female junior prison officer was simply brilliant as was the
fact that you claimed to have known what was going on all the time. Though out the verbal interchange just enhanced the session further. You clearly are very talented and gifted at this.


As most of you slaves already know, I now session form a brand new chambers in the Manchester area which is ran by Myself & Mistress Lola.

Watch this space for photos coming VERY soon & sessions will be available from Sunday 8th April.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


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