The return of nameless

For those of you who regularly read Manchester Mistress Foxx’s blog, you will be fully aware of My ball busting & trampling slave ‘nameless’.

I have debated giving him a proper name but I can’t be arsed so he will remain nameless.

After 2 months of promising to come & see Me more often he eventually dragged his sorry arse back through My dungeon door (7 Minutes late I may add- for this he would suffer)

nameless only had the pleasure of My company for 30 minutes so I set to work, Strapped him to the cross, I then warmed his balls up with a bit of gentle flogging until it was time to kick & knee his balls & because he was late I made sure I caned them….. 7 times!

I can assure you nameless will not be late again!!

It was now time for some good old fashioned trampled in My new not so old fashioned pony boots.

Over this past week I have had some fantastic sessions including a sissy called rosie who Myself & Mistress Lola turned into Our slut (I will do a blog will be about this particular sissy so watch this space) Tightsman returned & is also coming back just before My operation so I can kick his arse again before I am otherwise incapacitated. I also had another but very different tightsman in to session but more about him in another blog when I have got a name for him because I can’t have 2 tightsman……

Anyway, I’m off to abuse more hairy bikers this weekend at the MCN-live bike weekend & before you ask, yes I’ve packed My crop & plenty of latex & I’m sure that there will be photos for you lot to perv over…..

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a photo of what Mistress Foxx does best

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


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