Mistress Foxx Vs bikers & an encounter with My cane slut


Yes pervs……

The time has come!

Time to see what Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx got up to with all them burley bikers at this years NABD rally……

On Friday night I was well behaved for Me but I started My weekend off with a bit of nipple torture

 I saved playtime until Saturday night where I moved on to a little spanking

Then a little cock & ball torture

As you can imagine after all that hard work Miss Foxx needed some well earned boot worship

Unfortunately no one carried Me back to My tent but eventually at 4am……. I found it :) YEY

I have The Perverts in Leather rally in June next…… Just wait for the photos from that one, last year they got Me banned off facebook!

Any way, I was welcomed back to the world of Foxx with My caning slut (who has not seen Me for quite some time)

My cane slut has a regular Mistress who he see’s but as She is injured she cannot punish him sufficiently (which is where I come in).

Now, I am a pretty tolerant Mistress (OK, I’m lying) but after being told 10 different scenarios off his Mistress & then sending My cane slut with a note for Me telling Me something entirely different to do,I was kind of annoyed (OK, I was seething).

After ripping the note up in front of him & telling him to tell his Mistress to stick it up her arse & I would be doing what I wanted & not what She wanted, My rather shakey cane slut gingerly got on My spanking bench & after a warm up with various implements he took his 12 stroke punishment very well.

I am available for sessions every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


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Well you slaves were most definitely feeling kinky today!

Unfortunatley My little whipping whore had to cancel but I had two fantastic sessions in & Myself & Mistress Teressa also had a kidnap victim to abuse.

I decided with My first slave that seen as I could do whatever I wanted that I was going to have a bit of fun, out came the sissy clothes & I dressed My client in stockings, heels & a tutu, My slut was restrained spread eagled with leg spreaders on for Me to abuse. I proceeded to apply pegs & hang some weights from My clients balls & then made her dance in front of the mirror like she was trying to seduce it, her efforts were more than laughable but as My slut had behaved so inappropriately a good sound spanking was what she needed!!

After a brief warm up with My hand & the flogger I set to work with 6 each of the rubber paddle, the devils tongue & the cane, After each stroke of the cane My slut was instructed to say ‘ I will not tease the boys’

Her arse, rather red & bruised told Me she had learn’t her lesson in that department but I still had her tame her libido & in order to do that I had to administer some good hard CBT.

After lubricating My urethral sounds with ‘deep heat’ & inserting them down the end of the cock, yes you’ve guessed it, It was time for My electrics to come out & play! After inserting needles through My sluts nipples I placed electric pads on them & a pad & cock strap to her genitals, the sounds of My sissy suffering was like music to My ears.

I have so much planned for this client when he comes back to see Me & no doubt he will be named By me in his next couple of sessions.

My second client . . . . . well, that would be telling!

As for the third, If you wish to experience Mistress Teressa & Mistress Foxx together like our kidnap victim today you will be pleased to know we are working on Wednesday this week together until late & are offering a special discount for double Domme sessions on Wednesday only.

Don’t forget ‘The Asylum’ with Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola on Saturday 12th November overnight, deposits are still being taken for places. Email or call Mistress Lola/Mistress Foxx for details.



I was wrong about you Mistress….

Today something came to My attention when a slave came into the Dungeon.

The slave who I will refer to as E called the dungeon to book an appointment with a Mistress & as I was available at the time he wanted to come I was offered to him, E seemed a little confused but agreed.

E came into the dungeon & during his consultation told Me he was into CBT, nipple torture & humiliation so I set to work with My new electrics.

I then preceded to electrocute his cock & balls until he could take no more (ok I carried on a little longer than that & just for My amusment I asked Mistress Lola to come & watch his pathetic body squirm which entertained Us no end) I then inserted needles into E’s nipples & placed electrical pads on top of those to increase the sensation & boy did it!!

E was telling Me how much he fantasied about licking armpits & well, what could be better than licking a beautiful Mistress’s armpit, whilst furiously wanking his cock E was licking every nook & cranny of My beautiful armpits.


E is very experienced in CBT & has had everything from trampling, nailing his cock to a board, needles etc & never before had he experienced electrics or any other form of CBT that ‘hurt’ him quite like I did. This made Mistress Foxx very happy :)

E also said something to Me after the session which surprised Me a little, he said

“I was wrong about you Mistress, I thought you only did wrestling, I had no idea that you did anything else, that’s why I was bit shocked when I was booked in with you”

For those of you who don’t know, I offer all forms of BDSM including; Breath play, CBT, nipple torture, ball busting, electrics, chastitiy control, CP, watersports, Humilation & MANY MANY more activities. Check out the details in the sessions page of My website.

Call Me to discuss your session requirements on 07583832447

I am available all day Monday, Wednesday & Thursday this week at The Manchester Dungeon.

Foxx x