It’s caning season with Mistress Foxx

London Touring  Dates Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd July

This hot weather seems to bringing you masochists out & I have been dishing out some fantastic caning sessions over the past couple of weeks.

My cane slut returned to have a double CP session with Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola.

He was put through his paces with a small round of ball busting followed by using 8 different implements on his bottom (hand, paddle, strap, 3 different crops, flog & of course the cane) receiving 6 of both Mistress Lola & I.

After punishing My sluts bottom We decided to tease it with a little facesitting whilst it played with its pathetic cock.

My next slave I have called ‘fluffy’.

fluffy is new to Me & BDSM but is showing promise & I cant wait to explore some weird & wonderful things with him & see where I can take him.

This time I wish to share with you a 12 stroke cold caning

I am sure I will have many photos of fluffy to share with you….. if you are a blog reader you will have seen him on My blog already but if I told you where I’d have to kill you……

As you should know I am available every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday but I will be unavailable on Sunday 10th June as I am off to terrorize more bikers but this time at the Perverts In Leather bike rally.

I am available Wednesday 30th May, Sunday 3rd June, Monday 4th June, Tuesday 5th June, Monday 11th June & then as normal from Sunday 17th June.

In the meantime I will share with you a cheeky photo from a night out.

[email protected]


Mistress Foxx Vs bikers & an encounter with My cane slut


Yes pervs……

The time has come!

Time to see what Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx got up to with all them burley bikers at this years NABD rally……

On Friday night I was well behaved for Me but I started My weekend off with a bit of nipple torture

 I saved playtime until Saturday night where I moved on to a little spanking

Then a little cock & ball torture

As you can imagine after all that hard work Miss Foxx needed some well earned boot worship

Unfortunately no one carried Me back to My tent but eventually at 4am……. I found it :) YEY

I have The Perverts in Leather rally in June next…… Just wait for the photos from that one, last year they got Me banned off facebook!

Any way, I was welcomed back to the world of Foxx with My caning slut (who has not seen Me for quite some time)

My cane slut has a regular Mistress who he see’s but as She is injured she cannot punish him sufficiently (which is where I come in).

Now, I am a pretty tolerant Mistress (OK, I’m lying) but after being told 10 different scenarios off his Mistress & then sending My cane slut with a note for Me telling Me something entirely different to do,I was kind of annoyed (OK, I was seething).

After ripping the note up in front of him & telling him to tell his Mistress to stick it up her arse & I would be doing what I wanted & not what She wanted, My rather shakey cane slut gingerly got on My spanking bench & after a warm up with various implements he took his 12 stroke punishment very well.

I am available for sessions every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

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London dates, CP, Electrics, CBT & an unmarkable bottom

LONDON DATES with Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola
30TH JUNE – 3RD JULY ( I will also be attending Pedestal on Friday 29th June)
Well you are a spoilt bunch,
2 Blogs in as many days, what can I say, I’m feeling generous.
Last week I had a rather fun session with a client who will be referred to as putty. For 2 hours I got to put this slave through his paces as he wished to experience some harsh torture & CP.
After securing My victim in some rope bondage I proceeded to administer some CBT, Hot wax, Electrics & urethral sounds
After torturing putty’s nipples & pathetic cock & balls, I then moved on to good hard CP
Oh My….
putty’s bottom after a severe thrashing off both Myself & Mistress Lola, barely marked due to the amount of times this slave has been caned (clearly a VERY NAUGHTY slave)
I think Mistress deserves a bit of Foot worship after all her hard work…..
Here is a review from putty……

Last week I spent a magical 2 hours with Mistress Foxx. I had emailed her asking for a 2 hour session of harsh C.P. and torture. On phoning Mistress Foxx asked me if I could really cope with 2 hours of her treatment saying she can be very demanding. I nervously answered yes. You never know where you are on a scale of 1 to 10 compared with other masochists.
  Mistress Foxx looked absolutely stunning in a corset stockings and lovely stilettos. She started off with some CBT and some pretty severe electrics. She then strapped me on to her spanking bench and started delivering an intense thrashing. At this point the beautiful Mistress Lola joined in delivering alternate strokes with the cane or strap. The beating pushing me to my limit and ecstasy.
  It was clear Mistress Foxx had read my initial email and was giving me all I had asked for and then some! It is true Mistress Foxx delivers a full on severe session, so be warned if you ask for your limits to be pushes that’s what you’ll get; however she will respect your pre stated limits.
  Out of session Mistress Foxx is very friendly and easy to talk to; once your kneeling at her feet all that changes! It won’t be long before I am back.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Step Brothers Are So Perverted

Mistress Foxx loves doing Role play in sessions & here is a fantasy session with one of My clients who came to be My newly acquired step brother a couple of weeks ago.

Anyone would think its an episode of Shameless or Jeremy Kyle!!

Would you believe it…… A step brother perving on his step sister.My step brother had been looking at Me for quite some time through a small hole in the bathroom which is attached to My bedroom.

I knew about this….. I teased him & when I knew he was watching Me, I would masturbate on My bed whilst he was wanking in the bathroom, I fucked My boyfriend when I knew he was watching knowing all he was thinking about was him being in the position My boyfriend was in, fucking Me.

The little perv even started sneaking in My bedroom to watch Me shower, (I knew of course) & I spent ages carefully washing every inch of My body to get him as frustrated as possible & then I would massage cream into My body concentrating on My breasts & other delicate areas.

All I could hear was the little pervert wanking.

Mum & Dad were out…… I wanted to punish him for being a pervert!

I had My step brother over My knee as I spanked him with My bare hand until his bottom was bright red whilst getting him to confess to all the things he had been watching Me doing, the little shit had seen much more than I had realised so I decided to really punish him with My hairbrush & My bath brush until he was squeeling.

After I had finished punishing the little wanker, I commanded him to get on his knees & wank in front of Me as it was the last time he would wank over Me.

I of course teased him with what he would never be able to have whilst he was playing with himself.

I then told the little fucker to get out before mum & dad got back & I wouldn’t tell on him.

For the last couple of weeks My step brother has been well behaved, but I could swear last night whilst I was showing I could see someone peering through that hole again…… I think I will be spanking My step brother again VERY VERY soon!

I am available for sessions every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday


Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Don’t forget Foxxy February’s discount sessions throughout February only.

Filthy Vile Little Whore

Just before Christmas I had the displeasure of meeting a filthy slut who I will refer to as ‘pig shit’

Pig shit was a slut….. A whore…… the ooze from a rotten cock!!

I was informed off pig shit that he loved sex, with anyone & anything…. even his brothers wife!!

He disgusted Me, the very site made My skin crawl & when he spoke in his attempt to sound seductive it made Me shudder.

Pig shit wanted to be punished for being such a whore & wanted a no mercy cold caning & I was more than happy to oblige.

I strapped the little shit to the spanking bench & set to work.

I think the little slut got more than he bargained for, but if you ask for a no mercy cold caning, do not expect anything less.

I am available all day Sunday & Monday for appointments at The Manchester Dungeon.

I can be kind as well as cruel, but it depends what mood you catch Me in ;)

Miss Foxx


Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


Double trouble with Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola

Mistress Foxx and Mistress Lola have been teaming up again to give you naughty slaves twice the punishment in half the time!

We recently had in slave in who We shall refer to here as ‘pincushion’, who wanted some really brutal punishment from Us both!

We decided to give him this in the form of some nice sharp nasty needles, high pulsing electrics, strong hard clamps and some severe cock whipping until he bled!

Of course all this pain did cause puncushion to cry out a few times, but this did not deter either of Us, as We just took it in turns to face sit him and muffle his screams whilst the other administered even more pain as punishment!

Do you want to come and play with Mistress Lola and Mistress Foxx?

They are now offering reduced rate double sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays!

If you are lucky We may extend this special offer to other days too…


To book please call Me on 07583832447

Black Arse Sally

Hello there ‘Fornicating Self Abusers

As most of you know or if not, you should know, I am a lifestyle Mistress & I attend many events one of which was an event on Saturday night called ‘WildFruit’ held at The Manchester Dungeon.

I am still waiting for some photos of My ‘needle work’ to be sent to Me & I will upload them once I receive them but I did want to share with you a picture of a sub who I have named ‘sally black arse’

Mistress Lola & I were doing some synchronized spanking on a sub each & here is the result of My little reprobate….. (Apologies about the poor quality but that is an Iphone for you)


Miss Foxx’s caning slut

My cane slut hadn’t been to Me for a little while due to personal circumstances but he came about 2 weeks ago as he was missing Me & needed cheering up.

I wore My beautiful latex dress for him & got him to shine Me up in My latex & that certainly put a smile on his face.

As My slut hadn’t been for a few months W/we decided that he was only going to get 12 strokes after his warm up.

My slut adopted the position on the spanking bench & I set to work with My hand, paddle, flog & strap to warm him up…. then onto the cane!

12 strokes later My slut was glad W/we had only decided on 12 as boy was he suffering, but to please Me he took all 12 & to reward him I let him shine Me up in My latex until the stinging in his bottom subsided & the smile on his face returned.

Fancy seeing what you can take?????

Give Me a call on 07583832447

I am available all day Monday & Wednesday at The Manchester Dungeon

Well you slaves were most definitely feeling kinky today!

Unfortunatley My little whipping whore had to cancel but I had two fantastic sessions in & Myself & Mistress Teressa also had a kidnap victim to abuse.

I decided with My first slave that seen as I could do whatever I wanted that I was going to have a bit of fun, out came the sissy clothes & I dressed My client in stockings, heels & a tutu, My slut was restrained spread eagled with leg spreaders on for Me to abuse. I proceeded to apply pegs & hang some weights from My clients balls & then made her dance in front of the mirror like she was trying to seduce it, her efforts were more than laughable but as My slut had behaved so inappropriately a good sound spanking was what she needed!!

After a brief warm up with My hand & the flogger I set to work with 6 each of the rubber paddle, the devils tongue & the cane, After each stroke of the cane My slut was instructed to say ‘ I will not tease the boys’

Her arse, rather red & bruised told Me she had learn’t her lesson in that department but I still had her tame her libido & in order to do that I had to administer some good hard CBT.

After lubricating My urethral sounds with ‘deep heat’ & inserting them down the end of the cock, yes you’ve guessed it, It was time for My electrics to come out & play! After inserting needles through My sluts nipples I placed electric pads on them & a pad & cock strap to her genitals, the sounds of My sissy suffering was like music to My ears.

I have so much planned for this client when he comes back to see Me & no doubt he will be named By me in his next couple of sessions.

My second client . . . . . well, that would be telling!

As for the third, If you wish to experience Mistress Teressa & Mistress Foxx together like our kidnap victim today you will be pleased to know we are working on Wednesday this week together until late & are offering a special discount for double Domme sessions on Wednesday only.

Don’t forget ‘The Asylum’ with Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola on Saturday 12th November overnight, deposits are still being taken for places. Email or call Mistress Lola/Mistress Foxx for details.


Miss Foxx & her caning slut

I had the displeasure of seeing My caning slut the other day, he had been a very naughty boy!!

My caning slut has another Mistress who he has seen for years but she is ill & no longer works so he gets sent to Me for his punishments….. And boy do I get to punish him :o )

My slut had been particularly naughty & I had been given a letter from him Mistress detailing his wrongdoings. I will not disclose what My slut had been up to as to be honest, it is none of your business but I have taken a photo of the the letter with My canes so you can see it but not read it . . . .


I required the assistance of another Mistress in the session as this slut had been very bad & his actions were called in to question as he denied everything his Mistress had said to Me, Therefore he needed to be punished & what better way than a good cold caning!

In the letter from his Mistress she had wished for angry welts on both his bottom & thighs, I don’t tend to cane My slaves on the thighs but in this instance the slut deserved it.

Do you think you can out smart ‘The Foxx’ why not come & try your luck, bare in mind, If you ask Me for something, you will get it. If you want to have your balls gently tapped by My feet do not ask Me for Ball Busting, If you want to be tickled with a Cane or Flog do not ask to be hit with it or you may get far worse than what you asked for. I am an experienced Mistress & My style is quite harsh, I take no messing but if you require a more softer sensual session then tell Me, otherwise I may get carried away….