News, Party, Tour dates etc…

Well, this is what I get for leaving My blog for so long….

I have loads to tell you, so I’ll start & finish with the best bits.

Exciting things are ahead for Manchester Mistress Foxx & Lola’s chambers!

The second chamber is being started in a matter of weeks, We have asked a lot of Our slaves what sort of thing they would like to see & We have so many great ideas so stay tuned.

Anglesey/North Wales tour dates are 11-14th October

Webcam and/or phone domination sessions are available through Adultwork or W/we can arrange a mutual session though Skype if you don’t have Adultwork or would prefer to do that.

(I have a 1080hp HD webcam, so you can guarantee a clear video)

The final & most important piece of news is it is Mistress Foxx’s birthday & Myself & Mistress Lola are having a birthday party for Mistress Foxx & all slaves are invited¬† on Wednesday 5th September.

The party is from


The tribute for My party is £150 for 2 hours & A gift for Mistress no matter how big or small is MANDATORY

for more info/details call or email Me


[email protected]

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