Right, OK, I know I have been lazy.

I’m going to use My operation as an excuse, but trust Me, if you can stomach this blog its well worth the wait!

As you loyal blog readers will be aware I have a rather unusual slave who has been sessioning with Me for sometime now called ‘Wanda’

he has a massive fetish for hard sports which I do not offer but he came up with a scenario which involved possibly force feeding him his own shit & it was so hilarious I decided to go with it.

Now, if you like bananas……. STOP READING!!

After securing wanda in some rope & tying him down to the bondage bed with his legs tied open, I began the ordeal…. Mwahahahaha

Using an anal speculum I inserted 2 glycerin suppositories followed by a hefty amount of chopped banana, 2 more suppositories, more bananas & finally 2 more suppositories.

And I waited

And waited

And waited


so I thought balls to this and used the full box of 12 on him.

I will give it to him, he held on for about 40 minutes & whilst I went to fill a glass with My champagne on My return a little accident had occurred. . . . Oops

Now, as you may know merlin is a fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand (hence the name wanda) so with the wand tied to his cock he had to withstand it for 5 minutes without having an orgasm, if he did there would be consequences.

Needless to say after 3 minutes I had to prepare his punishment.

With his mess in a funnel I put it in his gagged open mouth & poured My champagne into the funnel so it would go down nice & easy.

After much retching, gagging & heaving he eventually took his punishment.

Now, I did think this would cure wanda of his hardsports obsession but it appears not & I am being asked for even more strange & bizarre scenarios.

I MUST STRESS this is not a session I usually offer, wanda is a very loyal & long serving slave & I did this as a special treat as it has been a massive fetish of his for quite some time. This is not a session I would entertain with a slave who isn’t known to Me or a regular, so don’t ask as you will be politely told to sod off.

As you ALL should be aware I have been off for a couple of weeks post Knee surgery & I would like to thank all the slaves who emailed & text Me to wish Me luck & send their best wishes, a big thank you & apologies if I did not respond, I was on morphine for 3 days & I blame that.

You will be pleased to know I am back in action now (not wrestling tho I’m afraid) & I am available to session on My usual days of Sunday, Monday & Wednesday

You may not be pleased to know that Manchester Mistress Foxx was a little naughty & went to the MT Heads bike rally on crutches, morphined up but I had a whale of a time & found an alternate use for My crutches lol.

Check out My knee brace…… SEXY EH!!

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


[email protected]

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