Mistress Foxx returns for Double Domme sessions with Mistress Lola


After a long awaited 3 years Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx returns to The Manchester Chambers 

I will be offering sessions on Mondays & Wednesdays & for session enquiries please contact Me via email at mistress_foxx@hotmail.co.uk

Double Domme sessions available with Mistress Lola Ruin only at the moment whilst I refamiliarise Myself with the chambers. Bookings can also be made via Mistress Lola


I look forward to seeing some familiar faces at My feet


Miss Foxx






Mistress Foxx, an update…….

Hello to My neglected sissys, subs and slaves.

Mistress has been somewhat under the weather recently as I have done something to a disc & nerves in My neck which requires a possible operation.

I am a sadist, I give pain, I take great pleasure in abusing My subs, but one thing Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx isn’t is masochist!

I don’t like to receive pain but recently that is all I have been experiencing so I turned My phone off, took more painkillers than prescribed & rested.

I am feeling loads better & I am dying to session again but for the immediate future (until My neck is healed) I will not be doing any wrestling, beatdowns, or restraint which involves Me holding My subject down etc.

Anyway, you will be pleased to know not even a slipped disc/trapped nerve can keep Mistress from her bike rallies and only a couple of weeks ago saw MCNLive & pain or no pain

I WAS GOING!! And you know what that means…… Photos!!

Mistress Foxx MCN LatexMistress Foxx MCN

Saturday night as always was ‘Fancy Dress’ and I will leave it for you to decide what I went as.

Mistress Foxx JagerBomber fancy dress jager bomberI know its a bit late but I will be in Anglesey 18-23rd April & I am available for sessions

Sessions at The Manchester Chambers will resume from Monday 28th April & I am available every Monday and Wednesday.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx




New pics and the collaring of a new slave

Hello My little pets, I do hope you have been waiting with baited breath for Mistresses new photos!?

If not…… Why not?

I don’t actually know what could be better to look at than a latex clad Mistress with a Harley Davidson!

I thought I would treat you lot to a few of the pics, I will be putting more on the pages of My website and twitter in the next few days.

This photoshoot was with My best friend and TS Escort Fritzie click here for her info.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx TS Escort Fritzie Harley DavidsonManchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx TS Escort Fritzie Lesbian Pool

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Harley Davidson

Manchester Domintrix Mistress Foxx Harley Davidson Motorbike



Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Harley Davidson HD

This week also brought the return of My fairly long term sub cymro.

cymro did write an account of his session, if you can be bothered have a look (I know Mistresses new pics are rather distracting) I will share first a pic of the fantastic gift that cymro brought Me.

A bespoke spiked chocolate shoe.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Chocolate ShoeMy session with Mistress started in the usual way with me naked, on my knees, head down on the floor in front of Mistress’ throne waiting for Her to enter. i could hear Her footsteps approach and felt the icy cold blast of air on my skin as the door opened.  In this position all i could see were Her shiny black high heeled shoes and Her ankles – no more. i knew better than to dare lift my head for a better look, that would have to wait.

Mistress sat and i was allowed to greet Her by kissing and licking Her shoes, before being instructed to turn around and allow Her to inspect Her cock locked away in its cage as it had been for the past 16 days. Apparently satisfied with its condition She instructed me to go downstairs to the other chamber to fetch a spreader bar. Off i crawled as quickly as i could since it was cold! and i knew that there was at least one other person in the building and there was a chance i would be seen naked apart from the chastity cage. i’m sure Mistress knew this and it was part of Her plan to humiliate me.
Despite not being able to find the light switch, there was enough light from the corridor to locate a spreader bar and i hurried back. Fortunately for me i managed both journeys without encountering anybody, but it was scary and nerve racking.
The mat had been laid on the floor and i was instructed to lie on my back on it. This meant i was finally able to see Mistress properly. She had hinted that She intended to dress provocatively to tease Her cock. What an understatement! She had on a tight black latex skirt with a section cut out at the rear showing off Her buttocks and a shiny black thong. And that was it – well apart for small crosses of black tape covering Her nipples. WOW stunning and Mistress knew it! She was deliberately bending over teasing me and Her cock.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Session CymroWith my ankles and secured to the spreader bar Mistress cut the plastic lock on the chastity cage and i was allowed to take it off. My wrists were then secured to the spreader bar and Mistress got a parachute and rope to attach my balls to the bar also. Unfortunately a combination of 16 days locked up, the sight of Mistress’ near naked body, and Her soft touch on my balls was too much for Her cock and despite my best efforts at control it came. i was so disappointed at having failed my Mistress so miserably, and She was not pleased with my pathetic attempts either as You can imagine and did not hold back in letting me know! The upshot was that i had to clean it up – with my tongue of course.
 Trussed up, ankles, wrists and balls secured to the spreader bar, i was now at Mistress’ mercy……. and that was not forthcoming and i was mercilessly shocked with the taz-zapper. Now this was a no win situation for me. Trying to hold my legs so that they did not pull on my balls was getting increasingly difficult as they tired and the reflex action to being zapped led to pulling on the parachute attached to my balls – double pain. Add to that 13 needles through the perineum and more zapping and You have triple pain with no escape!
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Cymro SessionManchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Session Cymro
Eventually Mistress tired of this and released me, but not for long as i was secured to the A frame. Mistress then proceeded to put clamps on my nipples and a string of pegs, 20 in all, in a nice ark around my balls with a twist in that all the pegs were linked with a piece of thin rope. i knew what would eventually happen but before that there was more zapping to be endured to my nipples, cock and balls. When it came time to remove the pegs …. Yes you guessed with a quick pull of the rope. i was warned that any sound would mean additional punishment – 20 in fact (the same as the number of pegs). How i managed to managed not to yell in pain i will never know, but i managed it.
There was more humiliation to follow as Mistress instructed me to clear a space in the centre of the room for my “dancing lesson” and what song would Mistress Foxx chose? There could only be one – “What does the fox say” of course! Now i’m not a good dancer at the best of times but naked in a torture chamber is not the most conducive to dancing. No wonder that some additional incentive was needed in the form of some well-aimed zapping ouch!
The song finished, but Mistress was not impressed and i was ordered to kneel on the whipping stool. Strapped tightly in place and immobilised i was fully expecting a harsh caning but not yet. Mistress had anotHer lesson for me first.  Since Mistress’ cock was so pathetic and useless, She had decided that i needed to be taught to suck a proper cock. So donning a black strap on She thrust it in my face.  Although it is not something i had done before, i set to, eager to please my Mistress. i took the tip in my mouth, licking the it with my tongue as had been done to me in the past. All was going well till Mistress grabbed my head and thrust the cock into my mouth towards my throat. i had to fight the gagging reflex, feeling sick sweating and drooling. She continued to fuck my mouth with Her hard black cock. i hope that for a first time i managed a reasonable performance. At least i think Mistress was happy with how eager i was to please and to be honest, i have to say that, overall, it was not as bad as i had feared.  i was half expecting that the black cock would then be forced up my arse and that i would end up having been fucked with it at both ends, but not this time. Instead Mistress got out the cane and decided on 13 strokes (could it be something to do with being an unlucky number?) i dutifully counted them out and thanked Mistress after each one.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Cane Strokes CaningThe final stage of my correction came as i was instructed to lie on my back on the couch. Mistress produced the Perspex ball crusher and secured my balls between the two plates and tightening the screws. i could not see exactly what She did next but boy did i feel it! It seemed like she sprayed something between the two plates before setting light to it. It was an intense pain followed by the smell of singed hair. Unfortunately, She had to have several attempts before She was satisfied that She had captured it on camera.
Then it was time to apply the “magic wand”. Now ordinarily this would be a pleasurable experience, but with balls tightly squeezed in a vice not so. Nevertheless there came a time when i had to ask permission to cum. With an evil look She said no and continued to apply the wand. i did try to resist but couldn’t . Mistress’ response was to say that She would not stop applying the wand until i had come again. Those of you who have suffered this will know that it is agony. you go from being unable to stop yourself from coming to trying your best to come and being unable to do so!
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx CBT Ball Crusher Hitachi Magic WandAfter my treatment was complete i was sent on my way with Mistress’ cock again locked in its cage and boasting a gleaming new tag bearing the inscription “PROPERTY OF MISTRESS FOXX”. She did infer that this time it would be a longer period than 16 days but i don’t care; i am so proud that despite my failings She has decided that i am worthy enough to be owned by Her.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Chastity Collared SlaveUntil next time…..Stay kinky
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

New photos coming soon

Well My little pervs, you are in for a treat!

Some fantastic new photos of Me, the gorgeous Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx!

here is a little teaser until I revamp My website with some new wank fodder for your pathetic cocks to drool over.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Harley DavidsonManchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Pool

Yes, you have My permission……

Miss Foxx

A quick hello from Miss Foxx & a familiar face returns

Hello pervs, subs, sissys, slaves and all inbetween.

I have good news and bad news I am afraid……

which first? Good or bad??

Ok, Bad it is.Well actually both are good now, but anyway…..

Some of you who have tried to contact Me may have come to the conclusion that I have either retired or lost My phone.

Have you been worried??

Calm down, I’m not going anywhere, My phone on the other hand I have no idea.

I have now got another one, so I am contactable again but I don’t have any numbers for My slaves, so call Me as text messages will be ignored.

Now, the good news.

I have been on holiday so you will get a little treat of some holiday pics and yes that includes a bikini shot, also I am available for sessions again (Mondays and Wednesdays mainly)

Egypt 095Egypt 311

Also as it is a New Year, it means a new hair colour for Miss Foxx, I have been Blonde for 8 Months (surely that must be some sort of record for Me??)

I’m keeping it a secret for now, so you have to watch this space……

Unfortunately Mistress has had a little bollocking about some of My session photos being a little on the ‘extreme’ side so unfortunately I will no longer be able to post the graphic pics but don’t worry, I will still post session pics on here & for the more extreme ones there is always Twitter lol.

A few familiar faces have crept out of the woodwork recently both for online and RealTime sessions, one in particular you may have all missed is, yes, you guessed it!


Now, wanda’s sessions are usually a little more on the unusual side, so this is incredibly tame in comparison.

Post Orgasm Torture.

I think wanda thought all his Christmases had come at once when Mistress walked in dressed in a fishnet dress, thong & bra and proceeded to tease him for around 40 minutes.

Mistress Foxx

The poor thing was strapped helplessly to My bench.

Mistress Foxx Then, the ‘Hitachi Magic Wand’ came out, wanda was restrained completely to the bench & the wand tied to his cock, within seconds wanda was squirming and couldnt hold it in any longer, but the wand was left on for a further 20 minutes!

Mistress Foxx Forced Orgasmwanda was begging Me to turn it off.

Not a chance!!



A Very Foxxy Christmas

Honestly, you would think I would blog more, you know how it is, life & sessions gets in the way & before you know it weeks have passed.

Anyway, I am here with a festive blog with one of My regular subs cymru.

When cymru came to see Me it was exactly 12 months since O/our first ‘dungeon’ (Morrisons chocolates for those who are regular readers) session and Mistress was feeling a little festive so I decided to have a bit of a Christmas themed session.

After having cymru in chastity for 15 days before the session here is his story of O/our time together.

After 15 days in chastity the day has finally arrived. Mistress’ cock had been particularly excited at the prospect of meeting its Owner again such that the previous few nights had been sheer agony for me. As with previous sessions Mistress had instructed me to bring a few items with me for the session. These were: some thin tinsel, decorative baubles/bells and three other seasonal items. i brought a cone shaped candle, some holly and a Santa stop here sign.

When Mistress enters the chamber, i am in position on my knees, with my head on the floor. i am not allowed to lift my head to see Mistress as She got her things ready but did give me the task of threading the baubles onto elastic bands. i was then allowed the privilege of licking her shoe clean whilst she prepared for a little game. i was to chose from six or so pieces of paper. Red would be a punishment black a treat. my first choice turned out to be black and i chose to shine Mistress’ dress. Although i still had to keep my head down, Mistress did look fantastic in a red latex dress (the one on the sessions section of the website).


The second choice turned out to be red which earned me ten minutes of nipple torture. i was strapped to the A frame and clips decorated with baubles were attached to my nipples, also vibrating clamps. A spiked metal chain was tied around my thigh, garter belt style electrics attached to my groin and Mistress’ cock and balls were decorated with tinsel and baubles.

Mistress then decided that my arms were too comfortable and proceeded to tie them in an outstretched and pulled back position which was difficult to maintain and which put a strain on the shoulders. Mistress then proceeded to decorate my arms and sides with pegs and baubles like a human Christmas tree.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx
She then left me like that and used the holly to test how secure the pegs and clamps were combined 
with blasts to the electrics. Different types of pain all mixed together the ache of tired arms, 
pressure of the pegs and clamps, digging pain of the 'garter' on my thigh and the sudden burst of 
pain from the electrics mixed with the needle like stabbing pain of the holly.
i don't know how long this lasted but by the time Mistress took pity on me and set me free i could 
hardly keep my arms up. 
However, in order to gain freedom from the cage i had to balance a tin containing the key on the 
back of my hand for 30 seconds. Every second felt like an hour.
How i managed it i'll never know. Every muscle in my arm was trembling with the effort but the 
reward must have been sufficient motivation. 
Finally her cock was free. Little did i know that it would not last long as both the cock and balls
were secured in the humbler and i was once again rendered powerless.
Now i had envisaged the 'stop here Santa' sign being used as a paddle - and it was. In fact Mistress
was quite complimentary of it in this respect! 
She also found another use for it as a makeshift butt plug!!
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx
The next thing i knew was feeling hot wax dripping onto my arse from the candle i had brought and 
plenty of it too. 
I had no choice but to endure it since to try to flinch away meant that my balls would be punished by
 the humbler this was also the case when i was zapped with the tazapper. 
Hard to know which was the least painful. 
Next it was time for the caning - Mistress reckoned that W/we needed to get the wax off somehow. 
She decided that i should be 'rewarded' with one stroke for each of the 15 days in chastity! and a 
few more strokes with the holly and a particularly painful flogger. 
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx
Had i endured enough to earn a 'reward' ?
Yes.........but with a twist! 
i would get the benefit of the the mains powered massager with Mistress sitting astride me, her 
wonderful latex clad arse inches from my face but she would be zapping that sensitive area between my balls and arse. 
The ultimate combination of pleasure and pain! 
i was writhing and screaming so much with the pain that i couldn't ask for permission and came 
without Mistress' agreement. 
She was most disappointed with me and i had to endure the zapper over and over again. 
Mistress' cock was allowed home free from its cage this time but i fear it will not be for long. 
Mistress has said that She wants it caged for the duration of Her holiday. 
All in all a very memorable session and i can't wait for the next one. 

I would like to wish all My subs/sissies/slaves a very merry xmas and thank you for My gifts (rosie,
 laundry, doris & cymru, you have spoilt Me - as it should be)

I am available for sessions on Monday 30th & tues 31st Dec but I go away after then and I am next
available on Monday 13th Jan,
so If you wish to see Me before 2013 comes to a close..... HURRY UP)


I’m back

Hello My neglected little perverts, I do hope you have missed reading My blogs particularly as it has been over 2 months since I last posted one.

For those who have been trying to contact Me for sessions & have no doubt found it easier turning water in to wine I apologise. I wont bore you with the details but a close relative of Mine has been diagnosed with terminal cancer & I have also been quite unwell since not long after My birthday in September & had quite a lot of stress to deal with.

Its difficult to explain, some of My clients are true fetishists so they will relate more than the ones who see Me when the ‘red mist of kink’ descends.For Me being a Professional Mistress isn’t just something I do, it’s My life, it’s part of Me, without it I am incomplete. Believe it or not, it can be hard work and incredibly emotionally draining, I needed a break, I had to prioritise & I couldn’t have delt with the emotional exhaustion from sessioning with My subs and slaves with everything else that was going on.

I am so glad I took this time away, I am so excited to get back to My sessions and My loyal slaves. I thank you for your patience. I may be a Mistress, a bitch, a goddess, untouchable and there to be adored, but, I am also a person

I have lots of pre illness sessions I could share with you that I never got round to writing about but I know you much prefer to look at pictures so instead I am going to share some session photos with you.

Yes, your right, I am being lazy….. again!

Why change the habit of a lifetime eh……

Mistress Foxx Breathplay MummificationMistress Foxx Tazapper Mistress Foxx Nipple Torture CBT ChastityMistress Foxx Mummification BreathplayMistress Foxx Candle wax

I also had the opportunity of doing some modelling pics with glamour model ‘Mel Harper‘  which I thoroughly enjoyed and here are some of the pics for you to feast your pervy eyes on.

photoshoot 095 photoshoot 101 photoshoot 117 photoshoot 122 photoshoot 135 photoshoot 171

Now, c’mon I know I haven’t done a blog for ages but look at those pictures and even a tit shot!! I am feeling in a good mood today so I will give you permission to wank your flaccid cocks.

See I’m not a complete bitch

Miss Foxx




Sessions, Accidents and Bank Holiday Fun

 Hello My little pervs, I hope you have all had a good bank holiday weekend, I am going to share a session from one of My regular slaves who I usually see in Anglesey but came to see Me in The Manchester Chambers and of course a little insight of what I have been doing this weekend 🙂


Once again my session with Mistress Foxx started beforehand, you see since my last session with Mistress when She put my (or Hers as it now is) cock into a cage, She has encouraged me to purchase my own cage and to train Her cock to accept its fate. Once i had worked out the combination of retaining ring and spacers to give the most comfortable fit, i found that daytimes were not too bad. The first time i wore it to work i was very self conscious and imagined that everybody could see, although in reality it is very discreet. The strange thing is that paradoxically, what is designed to stop erections made me very horny, much more so than usual, but of course i could do nothing about it.

Night-time proved to be extremely challenging, being woken up in pain by a cock that wanted to be erect but couldn’t because of the cage but we persevered and by the time We/we arranged the session had built up a good number of consequtive days and nights and it was no surprise when Mistress instructed me to cage Her cock five days beforehand. However, this time would be different. Whereas before i had a key to the lock and (although i didn’t) i could have unlocked it without Mistress knowing. This time the cage was locked with a tamperproof numbered tag and i was instructed to send Mistress a picture, showing the tag in place with the number together with the message “PROPERTY OF MISTRESS FOXX” and the date plainly written on a piece of paper clearly visible in the picture. There was no way the cage could come off without Mistress knowing and i would not want to think what punishment would be administered if i broke the seal!

Cymro ChastityThe intervening days passed very slowly, the anticipation building all the time. This would be the first time that we would be sessioning at her new chambers, with all the additional equipment and opportunities to push my limits that they no doubt would offer.

The day came and Mistress sent me a message that She would be late and asked me to get a few things for Her namely sandpaper, mixed size elastic bands, hot pink clothes dye, cat collar with bell, large bottle of milk with handle, and two other random items that could be used for perversion. Failiure to obtain any of these  would result in 10 strokes so i was anxious to please. Not being familiar with the area it took a bit of doing but with the help of a few of the locals i managed to find all the items and chose pegs and root ginger for the two random items. i guessed that the sandpaper and elastic bands would be used on me in some way as would the two random items. Naively i thought that as Mistress has a cat, the collar was for it and the milk for making tea. How wrong i was!

Cymro shoppingThe dungeon slave showed me to the red dungeon to wait for Mistress. This is a very impressive room with lots of interesting equipment all covered with black and red leather. Mistress instructed me to lay out the items on the bondage bed and to kneel (naked of course) on the mat before the throne whilst she got ready. When She got back i knew better than to lift my head to look, but saw Her black shoes as She walked towards the bondage bed For what seemed like ages She inspected the items, walked around a bit and seemed to be adding other items to the collection. Eventually, She came and sat on Her throne and allowed me to greet Her by kissing Her shoes. She then checked that the tag on the chastity belt was the same as that in the picture i had sent Her.

Very soon i was then to learn that the true reason for buying the cat collar was not for the cat but rather so that  the bell could be attached to the cock cage with one of the elastic bands where it would make a sound with every movement. How embarrasing! Unfortunately despite my best efforts at control, and after being caged up for days, the excitement and Mistress’ touch on the base of Her/my cock and balls prompted a release of cum. Naturally i was very disappointed and Mistress was angry and made me lick it all up from the floor and promised me 20 strokes based on the number of days in chastity(4) multiplied by the number of minutes(5) i had lasted. She also decided that i should give up any hope of being released in session because of this.Next Mistress sent me on my knees to fetch the elastic bands and made me put one on each leg above the knee to which she ordered me to attach ten other bands. She then made me lie on my back and attach cuffs to my ankles and wrists (red and black to match the decor of the room) whilst She went to find cable ties. One of these were attached through the ring securing the cage and through the ten elastic bands so that they pulled down on the cage, putting pressure on my balls. i was then ordered to the A frame on the wall and attached to this with the cuffs. Spreading my legs to fit the A frame had the effect of stretching the elastic bands putting greater pressure on my poor balls – but there was more to come! i was now to learn that the true purpose of the milk was not for the tea but rather as a weight to be attached to the ring on the cock cage putting further agonising pressure on my balls.

Cymro CBTTo distract me from this pain Mistress decided that some electrics would be a good thing so She attached some pads to my nipples and using a remote unit started cranking up the power. A blindfold was added so that i could not see when Mistress would push the button and send shock currents through my nipples taking me by surprise each time and making me cry out with the pain and surprise.Cymro CBT, NTMistress however decided that my nipples were not sensitive enough and testing each on my side and chest gave me a choice between coarse, cosarser and even rougher sandpaper. i wanted to use the smoothest of them and Mistress naturally wanted to use the roughest so we comproimised on the middle one (having said that, with the blindfold on i had no way of knowing for sure which She used) i then had to count out 20 seconds (20 seems to be a recurring theme) for each nipple as Mistress rubbed them with the sandpaper before re-attaching the pads.Cymru sandpaperThe shock, when it came was 20 times worse than before i’m sure and i yelped with pain. i could sense that Mistress had moved away to the corner by the throne and was busy doing something there. She then told me that she was peeling the ginger ready for use and made me recount my experience with the chastity cage zapping me with the remote from time to time.

After what seemed like ages, She returned, removed the blindfold and took the milk off. The pain was like millions of needles sticking into my scrotum and balls – sheer agony! She then snapped off the elastic bands and cable ties unhooked the cuffs on my wrists from the frame and told me to remove the cuffs from my ankles and ordered me to kneel on the whipping / fucking bench, attaching my wrist cuffs and strapping down my legs before pushing the ginger up my arse (i believe the term is figging) and securing it there with gaffer tape. For those of you that do not know the ginger generates a burning sensation (and i mean burning!!) which gets progressively worse, but of course i could do nothing about it but wriggle a bit which if anything only made it worse. Mistress then went upstairs for something but continued to zapp me with the remote to remind me that although She was not there, She was still in control. The pain was such that she could hear me from upstairs!

Cymru GingerCymru FiggingCymru taped Figging

She told me she had been looking for a padlock but had not found one and had sent the dungeon slave out to find one for her. In the meantime She kept the ginger in my arse for a while longer whilst She chose a cane, swishing them near my face for effect as She tested them out. When She was satisfied with her choice, She yanked the tape off and the ginger slipped out of my arse. Even though the burning sensation continued i need not have worried as it was nothing compared with the pain that was to come – 20 stinging strokes from the cane. it was the most severe i have suffered from Mistress and i only just managed to count each and thank Mistress as all good slaves should.  Cymru caningThe physical pain was now over, but not the psychological since the slave returned with the padlock. Mistress gave me the honour of cutting off the numbered tag but replaced it immediately with the new padlock. i am now in a worse position since Mistress has the keys. To give her credit though She did remove the bell and did promise me an emergency key. Firstly though She got the mains powered vibrator and applied it to my balls and the outside of the cock cage. Despite the pain from the erection constrained in the cage it was not long before i was groaning and another cum spurted from the cage into a small tin Mistress had ready for it. To this She added cigarette ash and the emergency key, before closing the tin and wrapping it in loads of gaffer tape.

Cymru keyCymru key 2

i have arranged another session with Mistress in three weeks time and i really want to please Her and do not want to have to resort to using the emergency key but that will mean that Her/my cock will have been in its cage for 25 days non stop. it is going to be quite a test, but i do not want to fail Mistress as She has shown so much faith in me.This was an exciting session for me and one which for which i will have a constant reminder until We/we meet again! Mistress did tell me She had enjoyed and that for me is the most important thing.

 Oh in case you are wondering, i never did find out what use Mistress had intended for the hot pink clothes dye!

Well, I can tell you what the dye was for, he was mistaken that I wanted the cat collar for Myself but it was actually the dye I wanted.

As My loyal followers will know I do The Manchester Pride parade every year & this year was no different and as I was a Las Vegas showgirl My feathers needed to be HOT PINK.

If any of you were at Pride you may have well have seen Me

Mistress Foxx Manchester Pride Parade 2013Mistress Foxx Manchester Pride 2013

And as a little treat I also did a cheeky little photo shoot on a Harley Davidson as a bit of promo for the New York New York bar who I did the parade for.

Mistress Foxx Manchester Pride Harley Davidson

Now unfortunately Mistress had a little accident and some of you may have spotted the bandage on My hand. I have quite a nasty burn and I will be unable to session until next week as I have very limited use of My right hand.

because I like photos, here is a pic of My injury

Mistress Foxx burnt hand

Dont forget its Mistresses birthday on September 10th and if you wish to send a little birthday or a get well treat Mistress will be more than happy to receive it.

click here for My amazon gift list

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx





Music Video Feat Mistress Foxx


I hope you pervs have been as excited as I have been to see this video!

For those of you who follow Me on Twitter, you may already have seen it as I posted the link the other day (excitement got the better of Me and I couldn’t leave it until My blog)

Here are some screen shots from the video to tease you with and yes that lucky twat did get a free lapdance from Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx…….


Mistress Foxx Hardtail Dirty Tricks Music Video

The video features 3 different girls so not every scene is Me but I am sure you will recognise Me if you have perved over enough of My photos…..

If not, Why not??

Watch the Video for Hardtail – Dirty Tricks HERE

you have My permission to wank

Mistress Foxx




A Shrinking Feeling

Aren’t you all a lucky bunch, another blog from Me without making you wait ages.

Now its Mistresses Birthday on 10th September & I will be on tour in Anglesey from 8-11th, If you wish to see Me in Anglesey/North Wales you need to book asap as My availability is now very limited.

Mistress also had the opportunity to star in a music video & yes, don’t worry you pervs will get to see it as I will post a link on My site as soon as it is finished, but for now here is a little behind the scenes shot…….

Iphone5 093

As you should all know, I am a fan of quite harsh and cruel sessions and this particular one had Me buzzing for days afterwards.

This delinquent was sent to see Me with a letter from the prison governor asking Me to carry out some research for a punishment scheme for perverts to develop ways of shrinking the male organ.

This pervert was caught re offending by flashing his tiny prick at ladies and the prison were getting tired of dealing with him and his sexual deviant ways.

when presented with this prisoner I was surprised at the size of his cock, or should I say lack of! It looked more like a miniature pepperami than a mans penis, I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to shrink something that small.

starting length was 2.5″ and I had lots of experiments to try including but not limited to

Candle Wax (no shrinkage noted)Caning (notable shrinkage)

Needles & Fish hooks through nipples(mild shrinkage)

Needles in cock and balls (Mild shrinkage)

but the most effective was definitely the caning & it was decided that I would cane the prisoner until his chipolata was less than 1″

After every 50 strokes the progress was measured until W/we reached a very satisfying 3/4″

Now I know you are dying to see his cane striped bottom and the state of My canes so here goes.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

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