New pics and the collaring of a new slave

Hello My little pets, I do hope you have been waiting with baited breath for Mistresses new photos!?

If not…… Why not?

I don’t actually know what could be better to look at than a latex clad Mistress with a Harley Davidson!

I thought I would treat you lot to a few of the pics, I will be putting more on the pages of My website and twitter in the next few days.

This photoshoot was with My best friend and TS Escort Fritzie click here for her info.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx TS Escort Fritzie Harley DavidsonManchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx TS Escort Fritzie Lesbian Pool

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Harley Davidson

Manchester Domintrix Mistress Foxx Harley Davidson Motorbike



Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Harley Davidson HD

This week also brought the return of My fairly long term sub cymro.

cymro did write an account of his session, if you can be bothered have a look (I know Mistresses new pics are rather distracting) I will share first a pic of the fantastic gift that cymro brought Me.

A bespoke spiked chocolate shoe.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Chocolate ShoeMy session with Mistress started in the usual way with me naked, on my knees, head down on the floor in front of Mistress’ throne waiting for Her to enter. i could hear Her footsteps approach and felt the icy cold blast of air on my skin as the door opened.  In this position all i could see were Her shiny black high heeled shoes and Her ankles – no more. i knew better than to dare lift my head for a better look, that would have to wait.

Mistress sat and i was allowed to greet Her by kissing and licking Her shoes, before being instructed to turn around and allow Her to inspect Her cock locked away in its cage as it had been for the past 16 days. Apparently satisfied with its condition She instructed me to go downstairs to the other chamber to fetch a spreader bar. Off i crawled as quickly as i could since it was cold! and i knew that there was at least one other person in the building and there was a chance i would be seen naked apart from the chastity cage. i’m sure Mistress knew this and it was part of Her plan to humiliate me.
Despite not being able to find the light switch, there was enough light from the corridor to locate a spreader bar and i hurried back. Fortunately for me i managed both journeys without encountering anybody, but it was scary and nerve racking.
The mat had been laid on the floor and i was instructed to lie on my back on it. This meant i was finally able to see Mistress properly. She had hinted that She intended to dress provocatively to tease Her cock. What an understatement! She had on a tight black latex skirt with a section cut out at the rear showing off Her buttocks and a shiny black thong. And that was it – well apart for small crosses of black tape covering Her nipples. WOW stunning and Mistress knew it! She was deliberately bending over teasing me and Her cock.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Session CymroWith my ankles and secured to the spreader bar Mistress cut the plastic lock on the chastity cage and i was allowed to take it off. My wrists were then secured to the spreader bar and Mistress got a parachute and rope to attach my balls to the bar also. Unfortunately a combination of 16 days locked up, the sight of Mistress’ near naked body, and Her soft touch on my balls was too much for Her cock and despite my best efforts at control it came. i was so disappointed at having failed my Mistress so miserably, and She was not pleased with my pathetic attempts either as You can imagine and did not hold back in letting me know! The upshot was that i had to clean it up – with my tongue of course.
 Trussed up, ankles, wrists and balls secured to the spreader bar, i was now at Mistress’ mercy……. and that was not forthcoming and i was mercilessly shocked with the taz-zapper. Now this was a no win situation for me. Trying to hold my legs so that they did not pull on my balls was getting increasingly difficult as they tired and the reflex action to being zapped led to pulling on the parachute attached to my balls – double pain. Add to that 13 needles through the perineum and more zapping and You have triple pain with no escape!
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Cymro SessionManchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Session Cymro
Eventually Mistress tired of this and released me, but not for long as i was secured to the A frame. Mistress then proceeded to put clamps on my nipples and a string of pegs, 20 in all, in a nice ark around my balls with a twist in that all the pegs were linked with a piece of thin rope. i knew what would eventually happen but before that there was more zapping to be endured to my nipples, cock and balls. When it came time to remove the pegs …. Yes you guessed with a quick pull of the rope. i was warned that any sound would mean additional punishment – 20 in fact (the same as the number of pegs). How i managed to managed not to yell in pain i will never know, but i managed it.
There was more humiliation to follow as Mistress instructed me to clear a space in the centre of the room for my “dancing lesson” and what song would Mistress Foxx chose? There could only be one – “What does the fox say” of course! Now i’m not a good dancer at the best of times but naked in a torture chamber is not the most conducive to dancing. No wonder that some additional incentive was needed in the form of some well-aimed zapping ouch!
The song finished, but Mistress was not impressed and i was ordered to kneel on the whipping stool. Strapped tightly in place and immobilised i was fully expecting a harsh caning but not yet. Mistress had anotHer lesson for me first.  Since Mistress’ cock was so pathetic and useless, She had decided that i needed to be taught to suck a proper cock. So donning a black strap on She thrust it in my face.  Although it is not something i had done before, i set to, eager to please my Mistress. i took the tip in my mouth, licking the it with my tongue as had been done to me in the past. All was going well till Mistress grabbed my head and thrust the cock into my mouth towards my throat. i had to fight the gagging reflex, feeling sick sweating and drooling. She continued to fuck my mouth with Her hard black cock. i hope that for a first time i managed a reasonable performance. At least i think Mistress was happy with how eager i was to please and to be honest, i have to say that, overall, it was not as bad as i had feared.  i was half expecting that the black cock would then be forced up my arse and that i would end up having been fucked with it at both ends, but not this time. Instead Mistress got out the cane and decided on 13 strokes (could it be something to do with being an unlucky number?) i dutifully counted them out and thanked Mistress after each one.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Cane Strokes CaningThe final stage of my correction came as i was instructed to lie on my back on the couch. Mistress produced the Perspex ball crusher and secured my balls between the two plates and tightening the screws. i could not see exactly what She did next but boy did i feel it! It seemed like she sprayed something between the two plates before setting light to it. It was an intense pain followed by the smell of singed hair. Unfortunately, She had to have several attempts before She was satisfied that She had captured it on camera.
Then it was time to apply the “magic wand”. Now ordinarily this would be a pleasurable experience, but with balls tightly squeezed in a vice not so. Nevertheless there came a time when i had to ask permission to cum. With an evil look She said no and continued to apply the wand. i did try to resist but couldn’t . Mistress’ response was to say that She would not stop applying the wand until i had come again. Those of you who have suffered this will know that it is agony. you go from being unable to stop yourself from coming to trying your best to come and being unable to do so!
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx CBT Ball Crusher Hitachi Magic WandAfter my treatment was complete i was sent on my way with Mistress’ cock again locked in its cage and boasting a gleaming new tag bearing the inscription “PROPERTY OF MISTRESS FOXX”. She did infer that this time it would be a longer period than 16 days but i don’t care; i am so proud that despite my failings She has decided that i am worthy enough to be owned by Her.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx Chastity Collared SlaveUntil next time…..Stay kinky
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx