A quick hello from Miss Foxx & a familiar face returns

Hello pervs, subs, sissys, slaves and all inbetween.

I have good news and bad news I am afraid……

which first? Good or bad??

Ok, Bad it is.Well actually both are good now, but anyway…..

Some of you who have tried to contact Me may have come to the conclusion that I have either retired or lost My phone.

Have you been worried??

Calm down, I’m not going anywhere, My phone on the other hand I have no idea.

I have now got another one, so I am contactable again but I don’t have any numbers for My slaves, so call Me as text messages will be ignored.

Now, the good news.

I have been on holiday so you will get a little treat of some holiday pics and yes that includes a bikini shot, also I am available for sessions again (Mondays and Wednesdays mainly)

Egypt 095Egypt 311

Also as it is a New Year, it means a new hair colour for Miss Foxx, I have been Blonde for 8 Months (surely that must be some sort of record for Me??)

I’m keeping it a secret for now, so you have to watch this space……

Unfortunately Mistress has had a little bollocking about some of My session photos being a little on the ‘extreme’ side so unfortunately I will no longer be able to post the graphic pics but don’t worry, I will still post session pics on here & for the more extreme ones there is always Twitter lol.

A few familiar faces have crept out of the woodwork recently both for online and RealTime sessions, one in particular you may have all missed is, yes, you guessed it!


Now, wanda’s sessions are usually a little more on the unusual side, so this is incredibly tame in comparison.

Post Orgasm Torture.

I think wanda thought all his Christmases had come at once when Mistress walked in dressed in a fishnet dress, thong & bra and proceeded to tease him for around 40 minutes.

Mistress Foxx

The poor thing was strapped helplessly to My bench.

Mistress Foxx Then, the ‘Hitachi Magic Wand’ came out, wanda was restrained completely to the bench & the wand tied to his cock, within seconds wanda was squirming and couldnt hold it in any longer, but the wand was left on for a further 20 minutes!

Mistress Foxx Forced Orgasmwanda was begging Me to turn it off.

Not a chance!!